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We love babywearing!

Bloo Kangaroo began in 2007 as a personal project after the birth of my son. Through those formative years, babywearing became an important aspect of bonding with my children.
Bringing that happiness to you and your family is what Bloo Kangaroo is all about.

Customer service is our forefront and we are always here to answer questions regarding all aspects of babywearing. Whether you are planning your own custom Kanga carrier or have questions about other aspects of attachment parenting, we welcome your email. Our family is breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and homeschooling friendly!
--Kirsten Kelly, Owner

Why Go Kanga

With so many carriers on the market today, the Kanga buckle carrier from Bloo Kangaroo stands apart from all others.
Innovative features such as an all fabric waist, paded side extensions, and memory foam straps, make it unique in the babywearing world.
A Kanga can be a welcome addition to your and your child's daily routines.

Carrier 3

Padded Backrest

Support for the child, peace of mind for you. The padded backrest allows taller children to feel safe while riding, and is helpful for children with low muscle tone.

Carrier 3

Supportive waist

Our all fabric, no webbing waistband was voted #1 by babywearers. Ergonomic and comfortable, it incorporates a thin, but highly supportive, padding that will hold up even under the weight of a 4 year old! This waistband sits at your true waist so it won't push your pants down. The standard size will fit 24" to 56"

Carrier 3

"Grow With Me"
Side Extensions

Unlike other carriers which use seat pleats and darts to widen the carrier, the Kanga uses padded side extensions. On the XT and XTP sizes, the unique shape of the extensions allow a range of chilren to sit comfortably. A smaller child will fill up less of the seat, using the bottom part of the extension; a larger child will fill up more of the seat, pulling the extensions further down underneath their legs. This increases the width of the carrier as they get older so that even a preschooler's legs are supported. Because the back of the carrier is flat, with no pleats, your child sits closer to your body. This directs the child's weight to your hips, not your lower back. Wrappers love the Kanga!

Carrier 3


Kanga straps are filled with soft, high density memory foam so unlike straps filled with batting or craft foam, these straps sit comfortably on top of your shoulders instead of "digging in". Bloo Kangaroo's shoulder straps are also ergonomically curved to fit. All shoulder straps have extended padding at the end, protecting the wearer from feeling the buckle. Shoulder straps may be ordered with our "Cinch to a Smaller Size" option which allows the carrier to fit two sizes.

Carrier 3

Customer Service

We are one of the last full-service carrier makers. Always here to answer your questions. Kanga straps can be made to your personal size requirements on any pre-order or custom Kanga. Customer loyalty is our cornerstone.

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ASTM Certified

All Kangas are designed with rugged internal reinforcement which allows them to meet and exceed testing requirements set forth by the ASTM and CPSIA. Kanga shoulder straps and top body are built as one piece into the carrier, less seams means more durability. All size limits are suggested based on independent research and correct usage of the carrier, and may differ depending on the individual child. Attention to detail is top-priority and all new Kangas have a 1 year guaranteed free repair policy.

Kanga Sizing

From 4 months to 5 years, find the Kanga that's right for you and your child! Sizing may differ depending on your child's individual characteristics. Younger children with good head and neck control are usually able to ride in the next size larger carrier, but they may not be tall enough to ride "arms out" with their arms over the shoulder straps as shown.

Click on the pictures for sizing charts.

Kanga X2

Random Name

4 to 18 months

Child height to 32", 0-2T clothing

Body Panel = 15" to headrest

4" Padded Headrest

Carrier width = 13"

Kanga XT

Random Name

18 months to 3 years

Child height 30" to 38"

2T to 4T clothing

Body Panel = 16" to backrest

5" Padded Backrest

"Grow with me" Padded Side Extensions

Width where child sits = 17"-18"

Kanga XTP

Random Name

3 years and up

Child height 36" and up

Body Panel 18" to backrest

5" Padded Backrest

"Grow With Me" Padded side extensions

Width where child sits = 19"-20"



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